Heavy Engineering


Our Heavy Engineering re-manufacturing facility has 125 tonnes of craneage and 12 meter under hook. With built-in safety and efficiency features it is one of the best facilities of its type in Australia. For many years we have carried out extensive Remanufacturing, Repair and Fabrication services including Dragline, Shovel and Excavator Buckets, also Booms, Handles and large Industrial components. Through exceptional workmanship and robust quality assurance we provide our customers with cost effective results. This has ensured that J&S Engineering provide the lowest total cost of ownership solutions delivering optimum asset availability and reliability.

Examples of work completed within the Heavy Engineering facility include:

  • Chains – new Links, Eyes or Bushes
  • Repair and Re racking of Dipper Handles
  • Manufacture new Dipper Handles and Winder Drums
  • Snubber Brake Overhaul
  • Line Boring of Mounting Points and Bearing Journals
  • Latch Bar and Trip Handle Repairs
  • We stock Induction Hardened Equaliser Shafts and Manganese and Plastic Bushes for 4100A 4100XPB & XPC+2800 Dippers
  • Remanufacture Dump Blocks
  • Major Boom Rebuilds - Excavators
  • Bucket Lip, Floor & Wall Replacement
  • Stock many standard Hardened Pins and Bushes
  • We do conversions to plastic bushes