The J&S Machining facility is one of the largest in the region, our integrated design software enables J&S to move from concept to manufacture in the one process optimising production and quality outcomes.

We are constantly upgrading our machinery.

Our latest purchase:



  • 10 metre horizontal travel and 3.2 metre vertical range
  • 11 axis capability allowing large components to be refurbished or manufactured with 1 set up which facilitates faster results and greater accuracy.
  • 40+ ton rotating table. 2500*2500*1500mm long travel
  • Unique capability in Australia

This machine is delivering benefits to industry allowing the largest components to be manufactured / re-manufactured efficiently, with greater accuracy and speed.

This allows ‘Mission Critical’ components to be returned to production, reducing overall downtime.

We have an extensive range of quality CNC and Manual Machines

As well as our new machine, we have an extensive range off quality CNC and Manual Machines to service your needs.

Some of these are:

  • Daewoo Full CNC Horizontal Borer  4m Cross x 2m Vertical x 15ton table capacity
  • HNK CNC Horizontal Borer – 4m of cross travel, 2.5m of vert travel, 12 ton load capacity on the rotary table, 5th axis machining
  • Doosan CNC Horizontal Borer 15 ton rotary table
  • Okuma Macturn 550 Multi Task Lathe / Mill 3000mm B.T.C x approx 750mm dia. – fully programmable Turning – Milling.
  • Okuma MCV-A11 Twin Column Vertical Mill.
  • These machines allow us to complete many complex jobs in a very efficient and timely manner.
  • Soraluce fully programmable CNC 5 axis Heavy Duty Mill
  • Okuma LB400 CNC Lathe with live tooling
  • Conventional CNC Lathes & Mills
  • Vertical Borer to 15 ton table capacity x 2700mm dia.
  • Elgamil x 5 mtr Bed
  • Lathes to 6 mtr B.T.C x 1570 turn dia.
  • Oil Country Lathes 320mm Hollow Spindle
  • Hoffman Portable Line Boring Units
  • Deep Hole Drilling to 2 mtrs
  • Radial Arm Drill to 2 mtrs
  • Fully programmable Bandsaw to 370mm dia.


  • Rail Bogie Frames
  • Jacking Systems
  • Hydraulic Rams
  • Large Industrial Mining Components
  • 4100 Track Frames
  • Hitachi 3600/5500/8000 Track Frames
  • Power Station Cooling Water components