Off-Site repair efficiencies at J&S Engineering

Reclaiming bores on large mining equipment is critical to ensure reliability and availability of a remanufactured component and involves cleaning up damaged bores, critical welding to re-establish metal quality and thickness, and then line boring prior to fitting new bushes. This is a time consuming process and difficult to get right. J&S Engineering continues to optimise repair processes to ensure both quality and efficiency are delivered.

Our most recent innovation is to utilise our large Soraluce Travelling Column (STC) to machine bores after welding using the unique interpolation capability of the STC. This approach renders portable line boring equipment obsolete when components are able to be repaired off-site.

The use of the STC on our most recent example of an excavator bucket modification has delivered a 2 day time saving.

This unique approach to reclaiming bores shifts the cost benefit equation in favour of ‘Off-Site Repair’ as opposed to ‘On-Site Repair’ in terms of quality and efficiency. Controlling critical welding of bores cannot be understated, controlling welding parameters including consumables and temperature underpins quality and smart machining dictates efficiency.

Deliverables are:

1. Controlled welding and pre-heat

2. Fast and accurate machining, removing 4 shifts of portable line boring

3. J&S Engineering achieves ‘lowest total cost of ownership’ solution.